Why choose DataQ for online collaboration

By | 14th July 2016

We believe online collaboration should be simple. On DataQ we make it easy for users to upload, download, find and manage documents. We reduce clicks, optimise performance and work hard to keep DataQ simple and easy to use.

To upload documents and drawings you can simply drag and drop multiple files into the DataQ browser window. Downloading is just as easy with options to download or open single files direct in your browser or download compressed zip files containing as many files as you require.

Distribute links to others including a summary of the files sent and a simple link to download the files.

Track the activity of each document or drawing as it is uploaded / revised / downloaded or viewed.

Create and manage packages of documents and drawings, easily tracking the changes and provide package updates to tenderers saving time and increasing the accuracy of tenders.

Quickly and easily apply project access and folder permissions ensuring the correct people prompt access to information and collaboration.

Invite other users to collaborate with you on DataQ or create contact information for electronic distribution of information held securely online.

We have designed DataQ with our users in mind. DataQ is a powerful collaboration tool specifically designed to manage large volumes of data whilst tracking file changes and activity.

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