Manage your construction project online

By | 14th July 2016

Manage your construction project online with our easy to use collaboration tool. DataQ offers a secure, online project hosting solution for the construction industry.

Bring consultants information together in a central document vault to review, collaborate and distribute information in real time. Manage plans, schedules, spreadsheets, BIM models and reports centrally and get access to the latest information avoiding costly errors on site.

No time is wasted maintaining your own schedule of consultants issue sheets. All issue dates and information is available online to recall at any time. The information is always up to date and never takes sick leave meaning you always have access to the information required.

Sub contractors and consultants get instant online access to relevant information.

Specify permissions on projects, folders and sub folders, securing confidential documents and preventing access to sensitive information.

Manage tender packages online, track changes as the consultants drawings are revised. Issue updates to previously issued packages highlighting the new and updated files.

Track file access in real time.

Manage drawings on site using QR codes. Instantly scan and confirm if a hard copy drawing has been superceded or remains current.

Keep it simple with DataQ and achieve maximum adoption with consultants and sub contractors.