Linked Files

By | 2nd October 2020

Our latest update is all about saving time and improving the accuracy of information available across sites.

Linked files – one file, multiple folders.

Linked files helps to reduce workload, allowing users to connect and distribute relevant information in a new streamlined way.

Great for standard house types, details, specifications and more our new linked files feature allows you to link a single file to multiple folders and even across multiple projects – always allowing access to the latest, most relevant information across multiple projects with only a single file to update. Access to each linked file remains project and folder permission specific means you stay in control.

You can use linked files in tender packages, or maybe you need to create information packs for each unit in client accessible folders or bundle specific marketing information – the possibilities are endless.

Contact us if you have any questions related to linked files or if you would like a demonstration of the latest features available in DataQ.

DataQ Linked Files

Link files across multiple folders and projects