How do I upload new files?
On the FILE tab, navigate to the project and desired folder. If you have permission to upload files you will see a link to 'Add/Edit Document'. Complete the process to upload files, enter document details and notify other users.
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How do I replace (supercede documents on DataQ)
Simply upload a new file with the identical file name. A warning will appear to confirm you are replacing a document and you will be offered the opportunity to change the status and description, and to notify others.
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QR Code placement guide
QR codes are not enabled for all folders. When enabled a QR code is added to each PDF file uploaded. The positioning of QR codes can also vary on a folder to folder basis. Please check with a project power user to confirm if QR codes will be enabled on your folders and discuss the positioning to suit your documents. You can download a sample DWG file here which confirms the approximate positions where the QR code will be applied. You can also download PDF examples for all size documents here.
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How can I create a new folder?
If you are able to create new folders you will see the icon above the folder list on the FILE tab. Only Power users are able to create top level folders and assign folder permissions. If you require a top level folder or the permission to create sub folders please contact your project co-ordinator.
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I need to delete some documents, how do I do this?
Please contact your project co-ordinator to request file deletions or the ability to delete files. It is not common practice to allow users to delete files without the approval of the project co-ordinator.
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I need to change the status of a document.
You can edit document details by selecting the icon under the action column on the FILE tab.

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I cannot edit a package created by another user.
Not all users are able to edit packages created by other users. Please contact your project co-ordinator to review your permissions.
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How can I get notified when new documents are added to the system?
Notifications are sent when a contributor uploads files. Please contact the consultant concerned and request that they add you to the distribution list for their folders. You can also self-subscribe to notifications by toggling the subscription icon to the left of the file path on the FILE tab. For further details please refer to the current user manual.
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I cannot extract the zipfile I have received / not all of the files have been extracted.
We recommend 7zip to extract zipfiles. Windows explorer cannot extract files with certain ASCII characters in the file name and can be unreliable as a result. Please download a free copy of 7zip. With 7zip you can also request the folder structure to be flattened during the extraction process. By default DataQ provides files in their original folder structure for easy reference.
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How can I change my password?
Once logged into DataQ you can change your password on the ADMIN tab.
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I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?
Follow the 'Reset password link from the login screen. A replacement password will be emailed to your registered email address.
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Invalid Username or Password
Please check your username and password. If you are not certain what this should be please contact us. You can reset your password from the login screen and you will receive an email with a new password.
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Can I configure a default project and home screen?
You may set a default project and working tab under the ADMIN tab when you are logged into DataQ. This will be called if you close your browser with an active session or if you logged out of DataQ.
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My session expired can I extend it?
By design idle sessions are disconnected to maintain performance and security for active users. If you are logged out due to a session timeout the next time you login to DataQ you will be directed to the location you were last exploring.
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I am not receiving emails from DataQ
Please check your spam folders and ask your IT department to whitelist the domain 'dataq.co.uk'
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Roles on DataQ - what can I do?
Project Roles are assigned to each user and are unique to each project. The following roles are available on each project -
Contact - A contact cannot login to DataQ and is only used for selective email distribution for files and packages.
Associated User - An associated user is able to login to DataQ and browse the file listing of all folders. They cannot however download or view any files.
Download User - A download user can login to DataQ and is able to download and view files. This role is further subject to folder permissions which may allow or prevent access to download files from specific folders.
Package User - A package user can create, view , edit and distribute packages. A standard package user can only modify their own packages.
Package Admin - A package Admin user is able to create, view, edit and distribute all packages. This includes packages that were created by others.
Power User - A power user has the ability to create top level folders, manage permissions and invite new users to contribute on DataQ

If you require access to features which are not availble to you under your current role please contact a power user who can review your role on the relevant project.
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Permissions on DataQ - what can I do?
Add - Users assigned add permissions for a folder are able to upload new documents
Edit - Users assigned edit permissions for a folder are able to replace documents (supersede old documents)
Delete - Users assigned delete permissions for a folder are able to remove files previously uploaded
Download - Users can download files and add files to the basket from any folder for which they have been assigned download permission
Review - Users with Review permission are able to review files being added to the specified folder. Please read more about Project Workflow
Sub Folders - Users with Sub Folder permissions are able to create subfolders within the folder for which they have been granted this permission
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I have insufficient permissions who can help me?
On the CONTACT tab you can determine who has been assigned Power User Role. Please contact any Power User or our support team for assistance.
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