Does your collaboration software work?

By | 16th July 2016

All too often we hear of online document management solutions that hinder rather than enable easy collaboration. Have you ever stopped to review how effective your current system is? Here are some tell tale signs that might get you thinking again –

1. How many clicks does it take to upload a document?
2. How easy is it for users to distribute information and check if it has been received by the 3rd party?
3. How do recipients of information download documents, is it easy, quick and straight forward?
4. How many features do users actually use? The sales pitch might be all signing and dancing but think about what you really need.
5. Does it work on all browsers or are you limited to IE8?
6. Does it help users prevent file duplication by warning of similar files in other folders?
7. Do tenderers get clear information about updates to packages showing them exactly which documents have been added / removed or changed?
8. What time does it save you – does it reduce the number of processes you need to do or increase them?
9. How fast are support responses?
10. How long does it take to give a user access to the system and when did they last log in? Can you easily determine which users need to be blocked or removed from projects as they no longer work for the consultant concerned?

For us at least, it is the small things that make a big difference when it comes to successful online collaboration. Why not request a free trial of DataQ today.