DataQ goes mobile on Android

We have just published our mobile app to the Google Play store. Easily scan QR codes and link to the latest documents, review file access and past revisions. Access the project contact list and browse the project folders with speed and ease. The app is currently available from the Google Play store – download it… Read More »

Setting email notifications

Recent changes to notifications- When uploading documents you are able to add additional recipients to the notification list. Any changes made at the time of upload are temporary and only relevant to the upload being made. In order to add a recipient to the list for future distributions please visit the ‘folder info’ link to… Read More »

Does your collaboration software work?

All too often we hear of online document management solutions that hinder rather than enable easy collaboration. Have you ever stopped to review how effective your current system is? Here are some tell tale signs that might get you thinking again – 1. How many clicks does it take to upload a document? 2. How… Read More »

Manage your construction project online

Manage your construction project online with our easy to use collaboration tool. DataQ offers a secure, online project hosting solution for the construction industry. Bring consultants information together in a central document vault to review, collaborate and distribute information in real time. Manage plans, schedules, spreadsheets, BIM models and reports centrally and get access to… Read More »

Why choose DataQ for online collaboration

We believe online collaboration should be simple. On DataQ we make it easy for users to upload, download, find and manage documents. We reduce clicks, optimise performance and work hard to keep DataQ simple and easy to use. To upload documents and drawings you can simply drag and drop multiple files into the DataQ browser window.… Read More »

Helping prevent duplicate files

Get warned when uploading the same file name into a different folder within the same project. DataQ will warn the up-loader, telling them which other folders contain the same file names.