Release Date
Option to move files during project workflow
View pdf documents on mobiles and tablets using the DataQ viewer
Add same name filenames from different folders to packages and basket
Send multiple package updates in one process
Hide folders from users with no permissions
Option to skip sending notifications when files are uploaded
Prompt user to complete Document Titles if they are missing during upload
Trashbox visibility options added to project settings
Notification subject lines updated
Ability to rename packages at a later date
Global Contact List added
Project User roles shown on contacts
QR Codes can be applied to PDF documents in 4 positions
QR Code provides mobile user document status
Updated User Interface
PDF Viewer and markup tool updated
Expandable folder navigation
Page filters for all tables
Contacts filtering by company
Default user project option (used when window closed)
Return to last focus on logout / login
Better report display in all browsers
Project templates (to create standard folder and permission templates)
Added permission filter for creating sub folders